“…a passing instant when an opening appears which must be driven through with force if success is to be achieved.” 

Kairos Weightlifting stands for hard work and integrity. Our coaching in weightlifting is based on an individualized approach, not on generic templates. It is based on long term progress, not on promises of quick results. It works with a framework of science without losing the perspective of the real world.

Head coach Jeremy has coached countless athletes with nutrition, training, lifestyle and any related mental aspects over the last decade. Some of them have lost weight or improved their relationship with food, whereas others have gone on to win medals. Some of those athletes competed in powerlifting, swimming and CrossFit, but Jeremy’s heart lies with weightlifting. What started with a mild curiosity towards martial arts and general strength training in 2007 turned into many hours of training, attending seminars, participating in courses and reading books on any related subject he could find. Along the way, he has coached for thousands of hours both on- and offline, written his own courses and even coached weightlifting seminars for brands like Eleiko and USA Weightlifting.

Fast forward 10 years and since 2017, not a year has gone by without Kairos athletes winning national championship titles or even setting Dutch records. More recently, one of his athletes became the first female weightlifting athlete from the Netherlands to win gold in the U23 European Championships, two years in a row. He has coached beginners taking their first steps in the snatch, experienced athletes bringing home medals and just about everything in between.

Co-coach Cecily Ellis, has spent years competitively swimming at a high level, supplemented with gymnastics. Through CrossFit, she fell in love with weightlifting and quickly improved her skills as both an athlete and as a coach. Her enthusiasm, drive and countless hours of hard work have quickly put her at a level where she is a valuable addition to the Kairos Weightlifting crew.

At Kairos Weightlifting, we constantly work hard to make sure we provide athletes and coaches with what they need to find progress, fun and satisfaction in the beautiful sport of weightlifting. No matter if you’re a competitive weightlifter, have irregular working hours, struggle with past injuries or want to use weightlifting as a supplement to another sport – at Kairos Weightlifting we take all those things into account when coaching you.

Are you an athlete ready to take the next step at Kairos Weightlifting? Are you a coach who is interested in improving their coach’s eye or learn more about weightlifting? Check out the coaching page for more information on 1-on-1 coaching, check out the seminars page for information about seminars or simply contact Jeremy directly at Kairosweightlifting@gmail.com for any questions.